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Nicolle Stinson launches Cash N Color

March 03, 2019

Nicolle Stinson launches Cash N Color

I  was just introduced to the newest craze in business and I could not believe what it was: I was introduced to coloring – a friend invited me to a party and for entertainment she passed out adult coloring books and colored pencils for us to color. I was hooked and all the other people there were too that were there were too! I found it to be so relaxing and fun and I remembered – as a child coloring was one of my favorite things.

Nicolle Stinson, me, a new lover of coloring!!!

In February one of my friends sent me a post about the Cash N Color! It just launched! . It is very successful. The Owner decided to turn it into a money making company Company where one could still purchase the 52+ coloring pages subion that are delivered digitally each week but could make money when other people colored with them , too!   

So; I , Nicolle Stinson, was so excited to be able to make money on my passion – coloring! Imagine being able to turn your hobby into a business? It really is refreshing to see a simple and honest opportunity out there. Cash N Color is 100% earnings and tons of fun. We want to create meaningful, lasting relationships with others, not just add numbers to our down-lines. We have an awesome Team build directly under the Owner! 

In addition to a FABULOUS package of coloring pages delivered digitally each week for just $15.95 ONE TIME, you can earn commissions by telling other people about it! When they join, you earn $cash$, (so, when they tell their coloring friends, and those friends also purchase, you earn more money!) 

There are no quotas, kits to buy or inventory to stock.


You will receive your own website and earn 100 percent commisions!!

So; if you love to color and want to share this with your friends & earn a ton extra cash, please let me know and I will send you a referral link!

Just imagine. A free Saturday afternoon. Sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee and relaxing with a coloring page and watching your payments roll in. Well, this is what my last Saturday looked like. I just want to see EVERYBODY'S Saturday look like this. It is so amazing making money from such a fun and chill way.

This is so easy to promote that a 90 year old Grandmother (me) can do it!!!!

Thanks for listening to me, Nicolle Stinson!


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