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How to Map A Domain Name in Blogger Explained By Nicolle Stinson

November 25, 2019

How To Map A Domain Name in Blogger Explained By Nicolle Stinson

Nicolle Stinson is a self taught online marketer.  Although she earned a Master's Degree in 2016, the focus of that education was not in technology.  All of her technological training was learned through trial and error since beginning as an online marketer in 2014.

Many people feel afraid when facing a new task online, but when you break it down step by step, as Nicolle Stinson did below, it really is not that bad:

Map GoDaddy Domain Name To Blogger


Part 1:- Domain Verification For Blogger

  • Open your Blogger account >> Then blog settings
  • In Blog Address box click on Add Custom Domain and Type your domain name same as shown below.
  • Then it will show error for verification just note down details or otherwise leave that tab open and follow below Part 2 in new browser tab.

Part 2:- Settings For GoDaddy Domain Name For Blogger

  • First of all log in your Godaddy account then select your domain open Settings tab
  • Then Switch to DNS Zone File just in right side of settings.
  • In DNS Zone file tab click on Edit button

Steps For Adding A Records:-

  • Click on the Quick edit button of A record and then add these below four Addresses one by one
  • In the Place Host simple @  and in the Place of Point To paste below IPs

  • After Adding above IPS in same format click on Save Zone File

Steps for adding cName Records

  • In cName Records click on quick edit button.
  • Add 1st record where you have to add www in Host and in Point to Add
  • Then Add 2nd Record for blogger verification that we get in Part 1 of this articles and add them same as shown below
  • After Adding above cName records open back your blogger account.
  • Open settings and again add your custom domain and click on Save button.
  • Suppose if your blogger showing same error message again then close your browser and restart your internet and wait for 2,3 mints and add domain back otherwise try it after 1,2 hours.
  • Now Your domain is successfully setup as custom on your blogger blog.

This is the same method Nicolle Stinson uses in all of her blogging and you can read the rest of this post here and also subscribe to her blog for more useful posts:

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